The birth of my passion

In 2018 I threw a series of dinner parties for charity. As these were paid events, I wanted to learn new techniques/ ways of cooking.

I took a particular interest in ice cream, from its Chinese origins, to the science of working out the right composition of ice crystals, solid fat globules and air bubbles to achieve a perfect smooth creamy texture. I knew at that point it was bye bye Andrew James removable freezer bowl, and heeeellloooooo commercial Musso Lussino.

Warning, fun fact: did you know that vanilla ice cream could soon be made from recycled plastic? One to google :).

The business beginnings

Thanks to partnering up with Woodland Creatures (Gastro pub/ restaurant in Leith), the birth of the Key Lime Pie Ice Cream with Lime Gel and Popping Candy was born. The team worked on a matching cocktail that went so beautifully with the ice cream that I even went in, on many occasions, to enjoy both (no word of a lie).

Ice cream paired cocktails are the future!

After the feedback from customers on how much they loved this ice cream/ dessert combination, I thought it would be rude not to experiment with other delicious desserts:  apple crumble (check), banoffee pie (check), lemon meringue pie (check), cherry bakewell (check, check, check!)

As well as inspiration from customers, friends and family, I like to experiment with ingredients prominent in other cultures, such as black sesame seed, miso, orange blossom, and rose water to name a few. Sourcing different techniques to make tasty gluten-free toppings and achieve smooth creamy dairy-free ice cream also became a goal of mine, which I would say I have achieved. But don't just listen to me, check out my reviews on google.

Taking my business on the road

I decided to take the plunge and get some wheels. The Ms Creme de la Cream trike was born. A test run in the summer of 2023 outside the Well Cafe at the Nicolson Conference Centre gave me a taste for more, and more did come as you can find me at the markets in Stockbridge and Leith 2 days a month from May to September.

I am also available for events, so if you have a celebration coming up that you would like to make extra special, please get in touch.